Friday, August 30, 2013

8 Ways the Chromebook Pixel Trumps the MacBook Air

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I still consider myself an Apple guy, but the Pixel is making me rethink what the MacBook Air experience should really be about. 

I travel a lot and spend a lot of time outside of the office with clients. The Macbook Air has been my go-to device when I'm away from the office. 

I have an Apple desktop that I use in the office. But the more I use the Pixel, the more I think the MacBook Air should be a true cloud experience. I hate having to worry about keeping two versions of the same operating system in sync (referring to my Apple Desktop and MacBook Air).

After using the Pixel for about a month just as I would my MacBook Air, here are some things I think that makes the Pixel a better choice for mobile professionals:
  1. My Pixel boots from cold (and restarts) faster.
  2. My Pixel updates with one button about every six weeks.
  3. My Pixel has a higher resolution screen.
  4. My Pixel has a touchscreen interface.
  5. My Pixel has LTE built in.
  6. My Pixel came with one terabyte of Cloud storage for three years.
  7. My Pixel can be restored by logging into a new Pixel quickly if necessary. (Less down time waiting for Time Machine to restore the device.)
  8. My Pixel has a cool light bar at the top that changes colors. (OK. I know this really doesn't matter, but it was worth mentioning.)
I know, I know. You can't edit Hollywood movies or record Platinum music albums on a Pixel. But you're not likely to do that on your MacBook Air either. And now that Apple has launch iWork for iCloud, I can do just about everything I need to do whether it's in Office, iWork, or Google Docs format.

If the MacBook Air is a second device for you to use when you're mobile, would you consider the Pixel?