Sunday, August 25, 2013

11 Extensions That Boost My Productivity on My Chromebook

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I'm constantly on the lookout for new extensions to help me be more productive. I tend to get "extension happy" from time and time and need to go back and clean up the ones I don't use on a regular basis.

Of the ones I have, these are the 11 I use most often.

  1. Grammarly-Lite: Smart Spellchecker—Every place where I need to enter text is an opportunity to make a grammatical or syntactical mistake. People form their impressions about you based on your spelling and grammatical prowess. Parts of this service are free and parts require a paid subscription. It's worth every penny.
  2. Keep Awake—This is helpful when you are making presentations with your Chromebook.
  3. Pocket—Quickly save what you need to read later.
  4. URL Shortener—Use this extension when you have a lot of links to share but want to keep the look "clean." It also offers you the ability to track how many people clicked on the like you shared.
  5. Lastpass—Easily generate new passwords, complete forms with pre-determined profiles, and more with this extension which helps you utilize the power of the best password app available.
  6. Buffer—Quickly share what you need to, when you need to, and to what social networks you choose with this extension. 
  7. Google+ Notification—You don't have to have Google+ open in a tab in Chrome to quickly review your updates.
  8. Send from Gmail—Reading something and realize you need to share it with someone else via email? You're just one click away.
  9. Google Cast—When it's time to do a presentation, you'll want this extension along with your Chromecast.
  10. RSS Subscription—Yes, I still love and use RSS feeds. When one is available, this comes up in your Omnibox. Simple. Easy. Done.
  11. Google Voice—Quickly send or read text messages, listen to voice mails, or even place a call.
Please note: This is by no means an exhaustive list. 

What extensions help you be more productive on your Chromebook?