Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Manage Your Android Phone from Your Chromebook

If you use an Android phone, you'll love +AirDroid.
  • No wires.
  • No fuss.
  • No complicated steps.
Instead, +AirDroid is just as easy as using your Chromebook. And even better is you can create a secure web connection to keep your data private while your devices are connected online.

How do you do it?
  1. Open +AirDroid on your Android phone.
  2. Open your Chromebook.
  3. Type in the secure IP address or use the QR code option.
  4. Wait a second for the connection to be complete.
  5. Set your Android phone down and take another swig of coffee (or your beverage of choice).
You can now control all the data on your phone via your Chromebook.

What can you do? 
  1. Manage contacts.
  2. Review call logs.
  3. Send and receive text messages.
  4. Manage apps.
  5. Manage pictures (which you should be auto-uploading via +Google+ anyway).
  6. Move files back and forth from your Chromebook. (There goes those thumb drives!)
  7. Manage music.
The number of things you can do using +AirDroid is limited by your needs and imagination.

The only thing that would make this app better would be if it could wireless charge your phone while connected. (But...hey...these guys develop software; they're not miracle workers!)

How do you use +AirDroid?

Note: +AirDroid can be used with any web browser, not just on Chromebooks.