Monday, March 4, 2013

Free eBook Helps People Start Using Chromebooks

I stumbled onto a great site over weekend—Chrome Story.

I noticed a tab at the top dedicated to helping others become familiar with Chromebooks. Even though I've been using a Chromebook off and on for a couple years, there were some things included in the 50 tips section that I wasn't aware (or maybe I just forgot about them.)

This list isn't exhaustive by any means, but it is a good reference tool that I will come back to from time to time to jog my memory.

I also appreciated the free eBook, Getting Started with Your Chromebook. While it's very elementary, I think more information like this should be made available to help the average user make the transition. (I sometimes forget that what appears simple and straightforward to me doesn't always appear that way to others.)

For Chrome OS and Chromebook power users, this site and this free eBook are unlikely to give you anything other than something to pass along to people you encounter who are curious about Chromebooks. But I imagine there are a few people stuck between the paradigm of a traditional OS and Chrome OS experience who might benefit from this simple guide.

Are there other resources out there you recommend to people curious or new to Chrome OS and Chromebooks? Please list them (and related links) in the comments section.