Sunday, October 28, 2012

10 reasons I chose the Chromebook

I wanted to provide some context for my Chromebook experiment by sharing with you some of the reasons why I choose the Chromebook.
  1. I'm a huge Google fan. They have consistently introduced a new paradigm that values collaboration over isolation. Google has created a new category in the technology space that other legacy providers have been forced to adjust to and account for.
  2. I'm a Google Apps for Business subscriber. These tools are fundamental to how I run my business.
  3. I am uncomfortable traveling with a $2,200 laptop. My primary laptop is a 2012 13in MacBook Air with 8g RAM and 512g SSD HD. It screams, but it's not something I want to take just anywhere. (And if I'm honest, it's way more computer than I really need.)
  4. Business continuity. If I lose the Chromebook, it stops working, or it's stolen, I simply need to get another one and sign in. That's it.
  5. I already do almost everything in the Cloud. There are only a few native, client-based programs that I use regularly: iTunes, iPhoto, Scrivener (specialized writing software), and Microsoft Word (managing Track/Changes on large 50k+ word docs), and Evernote (desktop client). 
  6. Management of fixed assets. I can assign a Chromebook and manage it in the Google Apps for Business Admin console. This decreases set up time and gives me access to live support (from a real person) when I have a question or concern. Since I manage a distributed workforce, this is essential to get people up and running quickly and resolve any issues as well. (There is an additional $150 license fee per unit for this function, but it is a one-time fee for the life of the device.)
  7. Overall cost of equipment. Even using the Samsung 550 3G model which retails for $549, I'm still nearly half the cost of the entry-level MacBook Air. 
  8. Workflow simplicity. Since my team doesn't exist in one central location, web-based technology is essential. This sometimes causes me to rethink workflows to make it easy for us to collaborate and be productive. Our clients benefit from this, too.
  9. I'm enough of a nerd to be curious if I can make it work. I have to admit I like the challenge of experimenting with a Chromebook. (I still remember my Dad beta-testing Windows 95 growing up.)
  10. I feel like I'm participating in something big that has yet to fully take shape. Technology should be for everyone. Technology is not an option moving forward. It is the norm. That means we must find a way to make technology accessible to everyone. It's as basic as reading. You must have access to it today to do just about everything else in life.
There are other reasons, but these are the ones that are top of mind.

Are you a Chromebook user? Why did you chose to use one?